Mentorship Program

The JHRTS-LA Mentor Program will be back and accepting applications. Please check back here or keep an eye out for email announcements with more info.

JHRTS Los Angeles is proud to announce the 8th annual Professional Mentorship Program. The goal of this program is to team JHRTS mentees with HRTS mentors, some of the top executives in our industry.

The program begins in February and continues through October, with three guaranteed meet-ups or conversations. There will be opportunities for mentees to work with their mentor in person to:

  • Develop a clear picture of what it takes to build a career in the television industry
  • Find out how to be an effective junior associate (i.e. assistant, coordinator, manager, writer/producer) with an eye towards advancement
  • Formulate ideas and make new connections
  • Brainstorm ideas on where to focus one’s energy

There are several steps to this process. Your application will be received and reviewed. If you are chosen to move to the next step, you will be contacted directly to come in for an in-person interview and be briefed on all details of the program. You will then be notified if we are able to match you with a mentor. Otherwise, we hope you will apply for the next round as we have a limited number of mentors each session.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity for JHRTS members only. Thank you and good luck!

NOTE: You must be a member of JHRTS to be eligible for the program. Become a member.